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In this case, Neymar would have joined Real Madrid instead of Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain!

Brazilian football legend and former Real Madrid star Roberto Carlos said that if it had been up to him, Neymar would have been on the royal team for a long time.

Neymar was linked with Real Madrid either before he joined Barcelona in the summer of 2013, or after he departed from the Catalan team to Paris Saint-Germain.

Former Brazilian left-back Roberto Carlos confirmed in an interview with FOX News Radio that if it were up to him, Neymar would indeed be a Real Madrid player.

"This has been my wish for years, and I wish edited it to me to achieve it, but life doesn't always go the way we want to," he said.

"These great players must always play in the best clubs in the world. Real Madrid today is a reference for any player. Do you want to win the Champions League? Come to Real Madrid"

He added: "Neymar is now happy at Paris Saint-Germain, I am in touch with him and I know that I encouraged him to go beyond everything he went through and play football happily as he did before because this is Neymar that everyone loves to see."

He continued: "Everyone deserves a new chance and I think Marcelo is regaining his sparkling days again to become Marcelo who I've seen play incredibly over the years."

On Ronaldinho, he said: "It is a universal image and a big name despite everything that happens to him at the moment, and despite all these judicial problems he has not and will not lose his sporting appeal."

Roberto Carlos has been a member of Ronaldinho for years in the Brazilian national team and has stated more than once that Marcelo is better than him and that Neymar will be the best player in the world in the future.