Real Madrid president: We live in a time we never imagined in the worst nightmares

Florentino Pérez offers condolences to the death of former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz, who died last night of contracting the Coronavirus, noting that he deserves a special honor for what he has given to the royal team.

Lorenzo assumed the presidency of Real Madrid between 1995 and 2000, during which the Royal team won the Champions League on the occasions of 1998 and 2000, at the expense of Juventus and Valencia.

Perez mourns former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz:

"The first thing I would like to convey is my condolences to all his family members, I want them to know that Real Madrid is on their side today," Perez said in a statement posted on the club's official website. We live in a time we could not even imagine in the worst nightmares."

"This situation that we are going through is so cruel that it prevents us from being with the people we love in their last moments and this is really difficult and sad, as I remember of course all the people and all the families who are going through this terrible drama, I want to express my solidarity with them."

He added: "Today we remember the character of Lorenzo Sanz, who was the victim of this tragedy, the president who brought us the long-awaited European Cup to Madrid, after 32 years of the long wait. The Madridista will always remember him as a president who restored hope and joy on May 20, 1998."

He continued: "He brought us the seventh, the eighth and then in 2000 in Paris, and Real Madrid came back to take their rightful place in history. In addition, during his presidency, the club won intercontinental cup, La Liga, Spanish Super Cup, basketball league and European Cup winners as well."

"I know very well that these days are undoubtedly days of sadness, but let us not forget that at this strange time we must live, we must all continue to show strength, resistance, and integrity to the end. That's what President Lorenzo Sanz wants."