Why don't you apply the idea of matching the stars of La Liga and The Premier League?

Every year, we hear rumors of a Super League star match against The Stars of the Premier League, some newspapers have already confirmed that this project is being discussed in the future between the two federations, but without any official or semi-official source referred to this matter from near or far.

This idea has become an obsession with football fans, and everyone thinks it makes a lot of fun and excitement because it will make us see stars playing together who have been enemies throughout the season, and will resolve the controversial issue about the best league in the world, just as we see in the basketball league The American Pro, the game that has the highest number of spectators due to the constellation of stars present on the field.

Apparently, the super match between the League stars and the English league stars will not apply as everyone hopes, at least soon, and there are some reasons why the application of this idea is so complicated at the moment.

The difficulty of coordinating a match of this size

When we talk about a match that will be coordinated between the English and Spanish federations, it means that it is official, and here is the dilemma, because this game will be the first of its kind to integrate two national federations in football without a larger federation regulating things, and of course UEFA will not intervene In an event like this, because the match is limited to two league stars only, and if he wants to study the project, he will take into account the rest of the other leagues, and here the game will turn into a championship, and it becomes more complicated.

Set a date for the match between the two federations, enact a list of regulations and laws to regulate it, make a special trophy and medals, choose the stadium that will host it in a neutral country, coordinate the distribution of profits, and find sponsors agreed upon by the federations.

All of them take a long time, and it is difficult to apply on the ground because the process will be like a negotiation between the two federations, not a process of consultation between officials of the same federation, this is not the role of the English Football League and the League in the matter, they are the ones organizing the two championships, Therefore, negotiations will be between four fronts, not just two, making it extremely difficult to reach agreement on the final format of the match.

Ronaldo's departure from la Liga ruined everything.

It seems that there has already been a study of this project in the past years, specifically before 2018, but for the reasons mentioned earlier, the idea seems to have been overlooked, especially after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from La Liga.

Everyone wanted to see Ronaldo and Lionel Messi carry the same shirt and play for the same team after the historic competition between them, and this obsession would have pushed the officials to finally find solutions to this and coordinate a match with the FA and the Premier League, but it is no longer feasible Equally now, it will probably take many years until this match is reopened.

The trend is to reduce the number of matches, not increase them.

Two years ago we heard that the national federations were considering reducing the number of matches during the season, in England and France, for example, they were considering canceling one of their cup championships, and in Spain, the National Federation decided to abolish the system of going and returning in the Copa del Rey, and the tournament became a one-match play.

The number of injuries to players, and the crowded schedule of matches, especially for the big teams, with international rounds almost every month and a half, most of which play at the friendly level, have made exciting ideas such as a match between the stars of la Liga and the Premier League impossible on the ground.