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The summer transfer period in Spain is close to opening its doors, and before the launch of The Mercato, we are looking for what Real Madrid need to strengthen their ranks and return to the podium.

The 2019-2020 season is coming to an end, with the new summer transfer market starting, with Real Madrid seeking to strengthen their ranks in every possible way to return to the podiums and achieve the championships to satisfy the hopes of the fans.

Although last summer saw heavy-caliber contracts by Florentino Pérez's management, the reality of the current season has demonstrated the royal club's need for further reinforcements to return to the top of the absenteeism at the end of the year domestically and in Europe.

Eden Hazard could not prove his abilities due to successive injuries, while Luka Jović was disappointing, and there is a clear offensive crisis despite the abundance of names, all of which are solved by the summer Mercato for Zinedine Zidane.

Indeed, Real Madrid has begun to take serious steps to do so, but like all the teams in the world, the Corona epidemic has disrupted the football season and disrupted the whole of life, yet Real Madrid have not stopped planning and are only preparing for the moment of football's start again.

In the following paragraphs, we will learn what Real Madrid needs during the summer of 2020.

What are Real Madrid's needs in the 2020 summer transfer market?

It is no secret that Real Madrid places the priority of hiring a midfielder as their first goal in Mercato this summer based on Zidane's opinion, as Luka Modrić's age, a clear crisis began to emerge despite the presence of Valverde.

The crisis, which is no less serious than the midfield, is the center of the striker's candid, real Madrid play the whole season with a single striker, Karim Benzema, Luka Jović failed in the fullest sense of the word, while Zidane is not convinced of Mariano Díaz's abilities and does not like to give him many opportunities to participate.

The right-back also remains in trouble, with only Dani Carvajal standing alone, and in the event of the Spanish international being suspended or injured, Zidane is involved in relying on the humble Nacho or playing militão in a position that is not focused, and Real Madrid loses a lot of those steps.

Finally, Real Madrid desperately needs to contract the heart of a heavy-caliber defense of Sergio Ramos and Rafael Varane, the duo without a substitute for their reliable value both in their presence and absence.

What are the names associated with the move to Real Madrid in the 2020 summer transfer market?

Paul Pogba, the Manchester United player, is the first choice to support midfield, and he is not the new name in terms of Real Madrid's interest in him, as the Frenchman was on the cusp of Santiago Bernabéu last year had it not been for his club's refusal to give him up.

With Paul Pogba's problems increasing at Old Trafford, his departure is only a matter of time, and Zidane is often expecting to bring his compatriot to Real Madrid, dreaming of a pairing with Casemiro, Valverde and Toni Kroos, which will provide a lot of offensive support and defensive toughness at the same time.

Erling Haaland, the miracle of Borussia Dortmund, is a goal according to most newspapers to succeed Karim Benzema and support him at the same time, the Norwegian international has demonstrated his high potential and will be an ideal choice to secure a striker for a long time.

If Haaland fails, Inter's player Lautaro Martínez will be an alternative option, but in getting the services of the Argentine international is difficult, because the eternal rival Barcelona wants to bring him to the Camp Nou in any way and at a possible price to succeed Luis Suarez.

Kellan Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain player, remains real Madrid's biggest dream for either Perez and Zidane, and the deal seems to come after news of the French international's intention to take on a new experience and his dream of playing under the leadership of his ideals, Zizou.

Kalidou Koulibaly, the heart of Napoli's defense, has always been at the forefront of nominations to support Sergio Ramos at the Santiago Bernabéu, and the press claims that the Senegalese international already wants to leave Napoli, but the competition will be fierce for him with his creativity in recent years in football.

How will the Coronavirus affect the 2020 summer transfer market and Real Madrid?

The first disruption to any plans or dreams remains the Coronavirus, an epidemic that has hit the world and is still unstoppable, and is expected to have a severe impact on the world of football, and has already begun to bring about economic crises.

It is clear that Real Madrid has not yet been affected by the Corona crisis, as they are the only Spanish team that has not reduced the salaries of its players because of the strength of its economic situation, but in the long run, it will certainly have the impact.

The transfer market is not yet known when it starts and when it will end, most if not all patrols will be resumed in the summer period with the beginning of the opening of the market, and consequently, legal crises will accompany, amid demands for the cancellation of the summer market in the light of the possible season and timing overlap.

It can be said that Real Madrid with its economic situation may be able to kidnap only many players, but how much reinforcements are proposed would be risky because of the expected situation in the future, then Real Madrid may be content with two or three deals at most.