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Dani Ceballos, Real Madrid's midfielder on loan to Arsenal, explains his position on a return to the royals.

Real Madrid star Dani Ceballos has revealed his position on the idea of returning to the ranks of the royal club in the coming period.

Ceballos made the remarks in which he confirmed that he wanted to stay in the Arsenal ranks for as long as possible.

Ceballos said: "My contract expires at the end of the season but I want to continue playing here at Arsenal when football comes back."

He added: "I don't know how this can be achieved after the loan period is over, but talking about my future at the moment is not important, the most important thing is to be important in my new team.

"When I came to Arsenal, I did it to be an important player in the team, but in the last month everything collapsed because of the Coronavirus," he said.

He ended his remarks about the news that spread about his closeness to leaving Arsenal last January and said: "My agent told me that there was interest from more than one club but I had begun to get my chance, and I knew valencia wanted to include me."

Ceballos has played 24 games for Arsenal this season in all competitions, scoring one goal and making two.