One condition for the implementation of the new plan for the return of la Liga

The Association of Spanish Footballers issues a fiery statement confirming that the return of tournaments before the battle with the Coronavirus is resolved is unacceptable.

The Association of Spanish Footballers has expressed concern about the recent news that the tournaments could return before the battle against the Coronavirus is resolved.

This was stated in a statement issued by the league, in which it confirmed that any talk of returning matches without the permission of the authorities and ensuring the safety of all would not be acceptable.

They said in their statement: "La Liga and Segunda División players want to emphasize their full awareness and awareness of the current situation, and that football should not be played again without ensuring the safety of all and without the permission of the authorities."

They added: "The schedule must depend on the decision of the health authorities, everything depends on the health of individuals and the protection of all."

They continued: "Any return to tournaments and competitions should see protocols in place to keep players in the presence of epidemiologists who ensure the health of all."

"The players have indeed reached agreements with the clubs to reduce salaries, but that does not mean that we are overstating our practical rights under any circumstances," the statement said.

"Once again, we affirm that any return to football matches must be after everyone is safe, public health must be a priority above all else."