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Napoli is seeking to sign Luka Jović from Real Madrid, which could facilitate the annexation of Fabián Ruiz.

Spanish press reports revealed today that there is a desire on the part of Napoli to get the services of the player Luka Jović striker Real Madrid.

This was reported by the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo", which confirmed that the player is currently a candidate to be a replacement Arkadiusz Milik.

Jović suffers from a lack of participation with Real Madrid as his ranking in the royal squad has declined, although Zidane, the team's coach, was initially asked.

Real Madrid has expressed a desire to get the services of Napoli midfielder Fabián Ruiz, who offers outstanding levels with his team.

The agent revealed that the royal club had contacted him a few days ago to inquire about the position of the player during the next period of stay with Napoli, which may allow the possibility of a reciprocal deal between the two teams.

According to earlier press reports, the player will not accept to stay with Napoli in the coming period and will not specify his contract, and that he is seeking to return to Spain soon.

It is worth mentioning that Barcelona had expressed interest in the player before him also, as Eric Abidal traveled to Italy to follow him at the end of last year.