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Totti was going to achieve the Champions League with Real Madrid

While Florentino Perez flattened Luis Figo to betray Barcelona and wearing a Real Madrid shirt, then flew to Turin to persuade Zinedine Zidane to join the royal, there was a player who refused to charm the galacticos money.

Real Madrid was a tremendous economic power, buying deals that are the most expensive at all, and depriving European teams of its best stars, not only did Barcelona and Juventus extend but also kidnapped Ronaldo from Inter and Beckham from Manchester United and Owen from Liverpool and other deals.

In 2001, Roma legend Francesco Totti was almost a Real Madrid galacticos, then a 25-year-old young man with a greater chance of crowning the Champions League title.

"I did not regret any decision I had in my life, but when Real Madrid offered me to be part of Galacticos, I hesitated a little bit before rejecting the offer" - Totti said in remarks with Dawn.

Perhaps if the Italian league player with Roma had gone to Real Madrid, he would have won the Champions League in 2002, but he refused and stuck to staying in the Gelarussi.

This was not the last attempt, in 2004 Real Madrid decided to make another offer for Totti with a salary that Rome could not afford at all, but the player did not agree to leave and leave Rome despite the temptations to win the Golden Ball and compete in the champions.

In 2012, while Totti was at the Santiago Bernabeu, he met Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president, and asked him to get his shirt signed, which is what happened.

"Everyone is asking me why did I stay in Rome the length of my career? For me, Rome is life, it is my family, it is everything, and for me, it is the world."

Although he categorically refused to play in the Galacticos, he affirmed his love for the club and explained: "If I had left Rome, I would not have joined any team other than Real Madrid."

He added: "Of course, I will play in Italy only for Rome, and with all due respect to the rest of the clubs, I decided to remain loyal to the team that I encouraged since childhood."

Totti did not achieve the Champions League and did not win the Golden Ball, but he became the King of Rome and its immortal legend that history will never forget.