Cicinho, the former Real Madrid right-back, revealed that President Florentino Pérez tried to convince Zinedine Zidane to reverse his decision to retire in May 2006, after the team's match against Villarreal, which ended in a draw with three goals per unit.

"In his farewell game, Zidane was very impressed, and we were, too," said Cicinho, in remarks quoted by the Spanish newspaper Ass, describing the French star as saying: "A legend leaves the game."

Zidane was determined to retire despite Perez's attempt.

The Brazilian back-up continued: "Florentino Pérez came into the dressing room and greeted the players one by one, and what happened next was unbelievable."

"At the time, Real Madrid's highest salary was 6.5 million euros," said Cicinho, who continued: "Rubinio joked Perez telling him that Zidane told them that he would not stop playing if he signed a contract for 6.5 million euros for two years."

The Brazilian star continued the story: "Everyone laughed, but Perez was serious and told him if you want to, I will bring the papers now so that you can sign," and continued: "All the attention then went to Zidane, think about it for a moment, and then looked at him and said, "No no. I don't want any more."