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Real Madrid has always expressed its willingness to spend a lot of money to sign the world's best players over the past years since Perez became president of the club.

When Real Madrid signed Hazzard this summer from Chelsea, the Belgian star stated that he did not consider himself a Galactic, as he declared: I am not Galactic, not yet but I hope to be so one day, here I start from scratch, not Galactic But I am a very good player.

However, the amount that the royal paid to sign the player, despite one year remaining until the end of his contract with his previous team, which is 100 million euros, tells a different story and confirms that the Spanish giant reconsidered the contract with the most prominent stars again, and the former Chelsea winger joined the list Long deals for Real Madrid.

But what are galacticos? Goal site leads you to know what this term is and the most prominent Real Madrid deals that had to use this description on the team.

What are galacticos?

Galactic is a Spanish word used to describe football players who are stars or possess superhuman abilities from outside this world, in addition to the talent this word tends to describe this or that player who is famous throughout the world, and has always joined for a very large amount.

This term was famous in 2000 during the period of Florentino Perez taking over the presidency of Real Madrid, but the idea of ​​collecting stars was not exclusive to him at that time, as the traditional competitor included Barcelona in the period between 1988 and 1996 where the team contained many stars such as Johan Cruyff, Romario, Laudrup, and Stoichkov was known as the Dream Team.

Before that, Real Madrid boosted its squad in the 1950s and 1960s, with players such as Alfredo Di Stéfano, Puskas and Raymond Cuba.

The first stage of the galacticos team

In the nineties, Real Madrid was unable to move Barcelona to the top of the La Liga arrangement because of the dream team led by coach Van Gall and the distinguished player Johan Cruyff ended the scene, Los Blancos ended the European drought over three decades after winning the Champions League in 1998, and repeated The achievement was in 2000 but the club was looking for new leadership by the millennium.

During his campaign, Florentino Perez promised to fix the situation and contract with world stars and bring them to the Santiago Bernabeu every season. The kickoff was very strong, with Luis Figo coming from Barcelona for 62 million euros, which showed Perez's intentions and managed to win the league in the first four seasons.

In the following season, Real Madrid continued its quest to include the best stars in the world and contracted with Zinedine Zidane, coming from the ranks of Juventus, which cost approximately 77.5 million euros. The team managed to win the ninth thanks to the goal of the French magician against Bayer Leverkusen in the final match.

Zinedine Zidane was a world champion before his arrival to the Santiago Bernabeu, but the royal was not satisfied with him only, but he contracted with another world champion that is very much respected and is the Brazilian Ronaldo coming from Inter for 46 million euros, and the phenomenon managed to score 23 goals in his first season to lead his new club To win the league for the 29th time in its history.

After Ronaldo, Real Madrid signed David Beckham, perhaps he was not at the level of the rest of the stars such as Zidane, Vigo, or phenomenon, but he was a European champion and captain of the England team, and yet the player had an amazing commercial value and his appeal extended to all parts of the world, which is alluded to Perez got him when he contacted him.

When signing with Beckham, Perez stated: He is the man of the present time and the symbol of modern stardom, and the certainty is that Real Madrid signed with Beckham because he is a great football player and a very loyal professional .. Then the Royal contracted with another Galactic from England who is Liverpool striker Michael Owen in 2005 But this policy began to be exposed somewhat.

Perez then succeeded in annexing Robinho and Sergio Ramos who was the last piece in the first phase of the Galacticos team with his resignation in 2006, during the first decade of the twentieth century this term has become synonymous with the entire Real Madrid team with some distinctive contracts such as Roberto Carlos and Steve MacManman with some talents The academy is like Raoul and Guti.

The second stage of the galacticos team

The second stage of the Galacticos arose when Perez returned to the presidency of Real Madrid again in 2009, after the team's level fell slightly in that period, Barcelona won the trio in the 2008/2009 season and the Catalan giant was famous for its game method called Tiki-taka and included the Pep period Overcoming the Royal back and forth in the Clasico matches.

Perez assumed the presidency of Real Madrid in 2009 to succeed Ramon Calderon, and began his plans to form the second stage of galacticos and succeeded in contracting with Kaka from Milan, Karim Benzema from Lyon, Xabi Alonso from Liverpool and the most important deal ever, which is Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

The cost of these players was only about 225 million euros, in a new and advanced policy from Perez, and in 2010, Angel de Maria and Masoud Ozil joined the team from Benfica and Federer Bremen, respectively, and were joined by Luka Modric in 2012 after contracting from Tottenham.

Real Madrid broke the record in transfers after joining the Don from the Red Devils in the summer of 2009 and repeated it again in 2013 after contracting Gareth Bale from Tottenham about 100 million euros. Isco was a new addition to the team this summer after he joined Malaga accompanied by Tony Crosse who came From Bayern Munich.

Despite the second stage of the Galacticos team, it was not up to the ambitions and did not succeed in achieving local domination in the past ten years, but the employment policy laid the professional foundations for controlling Europe in the last few years after the team was crowned the Champions League four times in five years Between 2013 and 2018.

During that period, the contracting policy changed significantly, and young talents were targeted more than experience, and it seems that the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the team after the end of the 2017/2018 season had the greatest impact on changing that path.

Eden Hazard is the newest galactic for Real Madrid after he was contracted for 100 million euros and he is one of the best players in the world at the present time, and this summer also saw the entry of Serbian Luka Jovic in a deal that cost 60 million euros, and will undoubtedly be classified as galactic, When his performance is up to expectations.