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The loaned Real Madrid goalkeeper would like to participate mainly instead of Courtois

Ukrainian Andriy Lunin, a Real Madrid loaned to Real Oviedo, has expressed his desire to return to the Royal Club and compete against Thibaut Courtois for the main position.

Lunin joined Real Madrid in 2018 and left for Leganés then Valladolid on loan, and in January he joined Oviedo.

Of course, I would like to return to Real Madrid and compete for the first position, but it is too early to talk about this and we do not know what the situation is when everyone is quarantined, ”Lunin said in comments reported by the newspaper" Marca ".

He continued: "I hope that things will go better, but in the future, I see myself as the main guard of Real Madrid, and if I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't have agreed from the beginning to wear the royal shirt."

The 21-year-old confirmed his understanding of the idea of ​​frequent criticism against him, noting that this is normal with goalkeepers.

And he added: "In a match, I might fail to tackle a ball, but in another meeting, I may deal with ten balls, this is normal in football."

He concluded, "I must always be ready in every game and also learn to play with both feet and help the defense by saving balls and building attacks."

It is worth noting that Alphonse Areola is the second Real Madrid goalkeeper and loaned from Paris Saint-Germain, and the royal is trying to obtain his services once and for all.