While everyone is waiting to see if they can get back in the game again and complete the rest of the season, Real Madrid is already thinking about their own things for next season.

Preparations have begun for several scenarios for the reconfiguration of coach Zinedine Zidane's team for the upcoming season 2020/2021.

The CORONA virus and its impact on the global economy in general and the football economy, in particular, will change some ideas and plans.

Odegaard's future is linked to Modric's decision.

About Real Madrid, The Marca newspaper indicates that Al-Maringi is considering Luka Modric's position with the dominant team.

Luka Modric is 34 years old, and after eight seasons with Real Madrid and contributed decisively to great football and remarkable achievements achieved by Real Madrid, he is still on his contract for another year.

Meanwhile, Martin Odegaard, who is a star with Real Sociedad and one of the most important discoveries of the season in La Liga, maybe waiting for the first team to be joined by Real Madrid after returning from loan.

But the newspaper also confirmed that Real Madrid is pleased with the presence of Modric and sees no problem in his continuation next year, with Odegaard the expected successor of Modric for another season with Real Sociedad on loan, an excellent opportunity to develop further.

However, the newspaper ruled out another scenario: Modric joined Inter Miami, headed by former Real Madrid star David Beckham.

The American team seems to be able to make a financially attractive offer, so the Royal Club will then wait for Modric's decision and put Odegaard's future on hold.