To move forward, in search of a new dream, you must first be prepared for it. The readiness in the world of football is to address weaknesses

To move forward, in search of a new dream, you must first be prepared for it. The readiness in the world of football is to address weaknesses, and strengthen the signs of strength because sometimes rushing to try to start the journey of achieving the goal, is very expensive, and returns the club to zero at times. Things may deteriorate more than can be expected.

This introduction applies to Real Madrid. Literally, the club is on a new stage, which began several years ago, and we are now on the starting line. A new project is to build a young team of different elements of emerging talent, and players with great experience despite their relatively young age, this project still needs a lot of work to complete and kicks off with its exciting adventure after achieving everything possible with a golden generation almost finished.

We mean the ability of Real Madrid to start with his new project, is to allow players who entered the last stage of his career to leave the club or marginalize their roles. This step is not easy at all, and there are clubs destroyed after they were damaged after they rushed to implement it or did not prepare for it properly, and us what happened with Milan after 2012 is the biggest example.

Real Madrid now has a large group of young players, and also some essential players who still have a lot to offer, such as Casemiro, Rafael Varane, Tibo Courtois, Dani Carvajal, Isco, Marco Asensio, and, to a lesser extent, Eden Hazard and Tony. Kroos is the oldest, while players such as Luka Modric, Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Gary Bell, and, to a lesser extent, Karim Benzema, are all expected to leave this summer or later, and the luckiest may last until 2022.

Apart from the young talents, the pillars of the team that will still be bet on them in the coming years, and the older ones who oversaw the departure, there is a fourth group of players at the royal club whose role is over or has no position in the first place, we are talking here about Mariano Diaz, who does not have the confidence of Zinedine Zidane, in addition to Lucas Vasquez, Nacho and James Rodriguez, at least 3 of them are certainly out of the new project.

Real Madrid cannot, of course, sacrifice all the players who do not have an essential role in the team at once or give the green light to the departure of the old stars who are still the backbone of the team, it must be done gradually, because young talent will not be able to fill all the gaps, even with the return of some distinguished seconded players such as Ashraf Hakimi, Sergio Reguilón and Martin Odegaard.

So, Real Madrid still needs a lot of new deals to complete his project and dispense with the services of the elderly and their decliners. In this report, we will focus on 5 pieces that the royal team is missing now, and we will highlight more positions and roles than our focus on certain players, it is essential now to draw the map and not to implement it.

Real Madrid needs a replacement for Casemiro.

It is crazy to venture into another season without having a replacement player for Casemiro and a good level, because the Brazilian star may be seriously injured at any time, or his level may decrease as happened with other players in the team. We all know how much the Brazilian star affects the performance of the royal club, especially from a defensive and tactical point of view.

The most nominated player for this role is The French star Camaviga Rennes and the 17-year-old, he is very suitable for the new project because of his talent and young age. He has qualities that make us predict a bright future, and he also has the advantage of preparing and keeping the ball, which is the only point that Casemiro does not get a privilege. Therefore this deal will be significant in the near and distant future and should never be postponed.

There is another option, and more ready is N'Golo Kante. Still, the deal will be very complicated because Chelsea will not easily overdo it first, as the player is 29 years old and does not fit the new philosophy of the club, apart from having a player with his stardom in the team will create problems for the technical director about the trade-off between him and Casemiro. Although the French star can play in the center axis and not just as a player, Zidane does not want a player of quality in the axis. There is already an abundance of players in the middle of the pitch like Krom Modric, Valverde and Isco will be joined by Odegaard this summer, so it will not be worth signing with Kante, especially as it will cost the club a vast amount of money that cannot be recovered in the future if he wants to sell him by age.

New defender

We are not talking about just a small defender we expect for an impressive future. Still, we must sign with a high-class defender, because the task of this deal is to compensate a defender the size of Sergio Ramos, which makes the task very difficult, and requires excellent accuracy and extended study.

In fact, there is no more suitable than Matisse de Lecht if we want a defender with Ramos' leadership qualities, there are many advantages with the Dutch defender that make him very reasonable for the Real Madrid project, such as his sensational personality, great talent, and his ability to score goals as well, without forgetting his young age, and perhaps the only worrying thing is his fluctuating level with Juventus this season, but this may be the result of the amount of pressure thrown at him, and the lack of confidence of the coach in his abilities correctly.

The second and most preferred name in the Spanish press is Dioot Aubamecano defender Leipzig, who is closer to Varane's style than Ramos. Still, he will be very useful for Real Madrid, and he has shown a defensive solidity beyond even De Lekht, even though they are the same age. In any case, this deal can be postponed until the summer of 2021 if Real Madrid has difficulty contracting one of them now, especially if Éder Militão proves his ability to support Varane and Varane next season.

A new bayonet for Real Madrid

Whether Benzema continues or does not, or leaving Luka Jović or deciding to stay, Real Madrid desperately needs an outspoken striker, preferably young to serve the club for many years, and Erling Halland is undoubtedly the most attractive name for the fans, the press, and even the club's management.

It is necessary to contract a striker like Erling Halland in the next phase, even if Luka Jovic regains his level, I do not think that he is suitable to lead the Real Madrid attack, and needs a strong opponent, but better than him, if we assume that Karim Benzema will end his role in 2021 entirely.

Solving the right-wing dilemma

Let's be realistic, Rodriguez is an excellent and promising striker. Still, Real Madrid needs another type of wing, such as Kylian Mbappe, who can play with all the offensive positions as well, the Brazilian star lacks speed and physical strength. At the same time, his skills are medium, and I remain convinced that he is more suitable to be a second striker or a left-wing because he will be more able to show his abilities, and better to be loaned for a season or two, but not for a tiny team, but a medium team.

Real Madrid has Eden Hazard and Vinicius Junior on the left front, both of which are impressive in terms of abilities, although they have not provided their best version yet. At the same time, the right-wing center is almost free of players, Gareth Bale will definitely come out, and James Rodriguez Marco Asensio did not succeed very much in this position. Therefore there is a need to conclude this deal. If there is an opportunity to contract with Mbappe, he deserves to wait for the summer of 2021 and find temporary solutions in the next season of players Current.

A rival to Tebo Courtois.

It is true that Tebo Courtois has regained his true level and offers exceptional performance in the past months, but he is still not reassuring. His level may drop at any moment suddenly as happened last season. Therefore the club must have another goalkeeper at an acceptable level dependable in emergencies and cup championships and be able to become a first guard at any moment.

Arriola will end his loan term next summer. Although he is a relatively good goalkeeper, Real Madrid can look for a younger and more talented goalkeeper, if we assume that Lunin on loan to Valladolid is still not ready, or that his level has not met expectations.