Norwegian coach Solskjær kills Manchester United coach English dream of Real Madrid in contracting with paul Pogba with the weapon of hope!

Solskjær commented on Pogba's strong association with leaving the team and going to play for Real Madrid or returning to his former team Juventus next season.

Pogba hopes to keep Pogba with Manchester United

The Red Devils coach said in a press statement highlighted by the Spanish daily Asse on Saturday evening that he still hopes to stay Pogba at Old Trafford after the end of the summer players market.

Solskjær still dreams of getting Pogba and Bruno Fernandez in the manchester united midfield next season. However, the Frenchman has not yet had a chance to replace the Portuguese newcomer due to a recent injury.

"Good players can always play next to each other, Bruno Fernandez has a real-time and fast impact on the team, the club and the fans," said the United coach.

"It was a big boost for everyone, and with Pogba back from injury and Rashford also it will be amazing," he added.