Big surprise.

A new name has begun to hesitate within the corridors of Real Madrid regarding the succession of Zinedine Zidane in the training of the royal next season after the press had previously indicated that the first candidate is Julian Nagelsmann.

This name is Massimiliano Allegri, the former Juventus coach, who according to the latest reports has become the first and most fortunate candidate to sit on the bench next season to succeed Zizou.

Allegri has rejected a number of offers recently, including Paris Saint-Germain, and as claimed by the newspaper "Sport" it comes primarily to wait for him to what will happen at Real Madrid in the coming period.

This is not the first time Allegri has been linked with Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez is known to have tried to hire him while working at Juventus, but the coach respected his word with the Bianconeri and refused to leave at the time.

Julian Nagelsmann's contract is still on the table, but it will certainly be easier to get Allegri's signature as he is currently without work and the Real Madrid manager will not have to negotiate with another club to win it as the German coach.

Whether Allegri or Nagelsmann, the contract of one of them may be disproved if Zidane can demonstrate his abilities in the coming months and make a quantum leap, then the management will decide to renew confidence in him.

However, the reality is that Real Madrid with the French coach is in a big decline, so it seems that the closest trend is the departure of Zidane if he fails in Europe, with Allegri being his successor, especially since the Italian is very interested in working at the Santiago Bernabéu.

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid lost the Super and Cup titles, and occupies the scoring in La Liga by 7 points from the leader Atlético Madrid, and remains only the Champions League competition in which he will meet at Atalanta in the round of 16.