Clear statements.

Despite the 2-0 defeat by Real Madrid from Levante, David Bettoni, Zinedine Zidane's assistant at the Royal Club, believes that his team still has a chance to win the La Liga title this season.

After today's defeat, the difference between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid could be 13 points if the Royal team wins the remaining two matches, theoretically thwarting Real Madrid's hopes of retaining the La Liga title.

Bettoni believes, however, that Real Madrid's DNA does not know to surrender, and has urged the fans to continue to believe in their team in the coming period despite the many stumbles.

"The Madridistas still believe in their team because the club's DNA is fighting for all titles to the end," the assistant coach told the media after the match.

Real Madrid had to complete the game from the ninth minute with 10 players after the expulsion of Eder Militao, which was a focal point in the game, and Bettoni believes that his team's reaction to the red card and the numerical shortage was good.

Bettoni added: "Even though we continued to press hard, which is very positive, the attitude of the players was very positive, we are now disappointed but our attitude was good, we played until the end."

"It was a difficult defeat, after the ninth minute it became a tough game, we scored our goal and then Levante's goal made us collapse, we went into the second half well and did some dangerous, then their second goal came," he said.

"I saw a team with good attitude and character, in the dressing room, I saw sad players, but with the intention of fighting to the end."

"We don't look at who's the scorer and so on, we have a big team and the second striker is Mariano and we put him in Benzema's place to find freshness and good passing, nothing else," he said.

It is worth mentioning that Zidane did not exist in the game for the second time in a row due to the infection of the coronavirus, so Beatoni was the actual leader of the game from the field.