The club's policy won't change.

Real Madrid will not change their contract renewal policies because of the club's financial crises, as are all football clubs around the world, Spanish newspaper Marca reported. 

As has also stated today that the renewal of Sergio Ramos' contract with Real Madrid has reached a frozen zone in terms of negotiations between the two parties to continue the leadership career for years to come.

Real Madrid is currently working to renew the contracts of three of their most important players whose contracts expire at the end of the current season: captain Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, and Lucas Vázquez.

First of all, before entering into any negotiations, The President of the Royal Club Florentino Pérez knows that the Coronavirus crisis means that Real Madrid must make financial adjustments.

This needs to happen quickly so that the club does not suffer from severe crises in the future, as the club's budget for the season has been reduced by about 300 million euros

Real Madrid has set conditions for renewing their players' contracts to reduce wages by 10% in order to reduce the salary budget in light of declining incomes and the threat of greater losses as the second wave of the epidemic spreads.

While Real Madrid has discussed the renewal of the contracts of Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, and Lucas Vázquez at the same time, their positions do not look similar at all. 

For Modrich, the Croatian player was given preliminary approval of Real Madrid's terms and the green light for the new contract, but Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vázquez do not agree.

Real Madrid wants to draw a line on this issue because soon they will have to discuss renewing the contracts of a number of important players whose contracts expire at the end of the 2022 season.

Real Madrid is not the only club to suffer on the economic level at the moment, as it is a general crisis for all football clubs due to the Coronavirus and the economic crises it has caused.