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Real Madrid star Toni Kroos talks about his dreams for the future

Real Madrid midfielder and Germany's Toni Kroos said he dreams of winning the Champions League for the fifth time in his career to complete his achievements in that competition. 

Last October, Kroos spoke in remarks at the start of the international break, which included a sharp talk against the International and European Football Federations due to the tournaments created.

The German international for Real Madrid, a four-time Champions League winner and a World Cup winner once, reviewed his career, the news of the white team, and his future plans on the Tomoro podcast.

Kroos said in remarks made during the podcast quoted by the Spanish newspaper Ass that the greatness of Real Madrid did not need to play a lot of games in the royal shirt until he realized it.

"I realized it for the first time without playing a single game for Real Madrid. It was the day I was introduced as a royal club player, I think I won't be greeted anywhere else like this."

He added: "It was completely different from anything I've seen and experienced so far and not just at this moment, my ambitions in terms of success and the number of titles speaking for itself." 

"Real Madrid is different from all the clubs in the world and this is evident in any part of the world, it doesn't matter whether it's in China or the United States or 300 kilometers from the Spanish capital Madrid."

"When you see the reaction of people who know anywhere that Real Madrid is coming and not another club you feel what I'm telling you right now, it's the biggest club in the world and there's no other club to beat at this point."

"Success is required at the club I play in, and for me, the experience here has been remarkable, my success goes back to yesterday. The most important thing is the present and grab the next title. Here the public is not satisfied with the successes of the past unless they are introduced to new"

"When you feel like you're winning the Champions League once, you want to feel it over and over again, you may not be able to do it for a few years, because others also want to see what it's like," he said. 

In the same vein, he continued: "But this feeling of wanting to live the experience again does not disappear, and frankly I want to get the title again and every season begins to think about this goal and dream about it and work with the team for it"

On the goals he wants to achieve in the future, Kroos was very clear: "Although I have already won the Champions League four times before with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, I continue to pursue the goal of winning the Champions League for the fifth time."

"It's going to be hard and if that's not the case, in the end, they won't shoot me either. Of course, during the glittering years of my career, I want to put more pressure on myself to achieve more."

It is noteworthy that Toni Kroos has skipped the 100th match in the shirt of the German national team, and continues his current record with the club and the team, and through his statements seems to be thinking more of them.

Do you agree with Kroos' opinion on players' celebrations?