Ramos' future moves away from Real Madrid

Spanish press reports today revealed details of the dispute between Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos over the renewal of the contract for the team leader.

This came according to the newspaper "ABC", which confirmed that the club offered the player a renewal for two years with a salary reduction to be 10.8 million euros per season.

Ramos refused to respond to that offer and asked for his salary in full, but the club gave him until March to approve the offer, the newspaper said.

At the same time, the player told Real Madrid of the existence of an offer from Paris Saint-Germain, but the management of the royal reached out to the French team because of good relations and learned that that offer did not happen.

New complications. Negotiations between Ramos and Real Madrid frozen

January 27, 2021

The Spanish newspaper "As" the renewal of Sergio Ramos' contract with Real Madrid has reached a frozen area in terms of negotiations between the two parties to continue the journey of the leader for years to come.

Real Madrid was close to joining Alaba where his contract with Bayern Munich expires at the end of the current season, as Zinedine Zidane, the coach of the Royal Club, has personally contacted the Austrian defender in order to convince him that the Spanish club will be his next destination

Real Madrid have put Austrian defender David Alaba as their main target in the event of the departure of team leader Sergio Ramos next summer, but things have gone differently in recent months, but the retreat from the annexation of Alaba has given a glimmer of hope that things will be resolved between the two sides.

However, there is no agreement to renew Sergio Ramos' contract with Real Madrid at this time. Initially, the main difference between the two parties in terms of the duration of the contract was that Real Madrid offered only one year because of its policy of renewing those over 30 years of age.

Ramos, 34, will reach his 35th year in March, and the captain is requesting a two-season renewal while keeping his current salary in line without being reduced by any percentage.

Finally, it seems that Real Madrid has finally been persuaded to grant him a two-year contract, so the salary is a stumbling block for the time being as the royal club does not want to meet Ramos' financial demands.

Ramos enters the final year of his contract with Real Madrid, amid news of reaching an agreement between the two parties in order to sign a new two-year contract with the same current salary, so it will be difficult to pay any other player that Real Madrid wants to join in the summer.

Real Madrid has recently effectively renewed Luka Modric's contract and remain only the official announcement, as all details have already been agreed but have not been officially signed by the Croatian international star.

This renewal includes a 10% salary reduction, and the club asks all players to face the economic problems caused by the Coronavirus by reducing their salaries.

Unlike the quarantine and downtime period, when the dressing room agreed to reduce salaries by 10% globally, now it doesn't seem like a collective decision as before.

Real Madrid is now negotiating this reduction for each player individually, the same 10% reduction is what the royal club wants Ramos to accept, and his salary has been reduced from 12 million net to 10.8%.

Real Madrid is not the only club to suffer on the economic level at the moment, as it is a general crisis for all football clubs due to the Coronavirus and the economic crises it has caused.