Atletico Madrid did not know about discussing the issue of the Super League

Real Madrid and Barcelona did not attend the meeting of the Spanish League for Audiovisual Rights league, today, Thursday because of the objection to the discussion of the Super League.

The meeting is held regularly, in order to discuss many of the financial aspects of the competition, but Barcelona and Real Madrid have decided not to attend for the first time since the emergence of this committee.

This was revealed by the Spanish newspaper As, which noted that officials of the Spanish duo believed that the time was not right to discuss the issue.

The Authority was to discuss some important aspects of the Super League, such as the participating clubs and the impact of competition in the short, medium, and long term.

Real Madrid sent an email informing the La Liga league, led by Javier Tebas, that they would not attend the meeting because of talk about the European Premier League, known in the media as the Super League.

Atletico Madrid CEO Angel Marin was also present at the meeting, and expressed his opposition to the Super League draft, stressing that he was not aware of the existence of this topic on the agenda of the meeting, where he stressed his opposition to this idea.

The Super League proposal has emerged strongly over the past year, amid objections from some clubs as well as FIFA and UEFA.