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Attempts also from Manchester City to hijack the deal

Real Madrid is close to finalizing a contract deal with Bayern Munich defender David Alaba in a free transfer deal after the player refused to renew his club.

The Spanish newspaper "as" revealed attempts from Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Barcelona to include the player.

However, Real succeeded in completing the agreement with the Austrian international, where he is due to sign a four-year contract after the Spanish club made the most suitable offer for his services.

Alaba is set to receive an annual salary of 11 million euros after Bayern demanded 13 million euros and a five-year contract.

However, attempts continue, not particularly from Manchester City, who have offered to sign Alaba with an annual salary of up to 14 million, excluding bonuses and commissions, as well as negotiations led by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

The real problem with the possibility of Alaba's move to Liverpool comes from the player's salary, which will increase the salary of Mohamed Salah, the team's star, which may cause some problems in the dressing room.

Alaba's father comments on the deal.

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January 19, 2021

David Alaba's father has denied reports that his son has agreed with Real Madrid to join their ranks in the upcoming summer transfer window.

This came in a press statement to the newspaper "Bild", during which he confirmed that several clubs are interested in obtaining the services of the player already.

"I can't confirm the news coming from Spain, we haven't signed anything and nothing has been resolved, and there are a lot of clubs interested in it," said George Alaba.

Spanish press reports revealed today that Real Madrid has resolved a deal to include David Alaba from the ranks of Bayern Munich once and for all.

This was according to the newspaper "Marca", which confirmed that the dispute that had disrupted the negotiations in the past has been resolved between the club and the player.

The newspaper explained that the player agreed to receive a sum of money worth about 11 million euros per season with Real Madrid.

Earlier press reports confirmed that the player wanted to receive 12 million euros, which Real Madrid totally rejected.

The newspaper reported that the contract will be for four years starting next summer, after joining free as his contract with Bayern Munich expires in July.

She explained that Alaba has already completed the medical examination at Real Madrid, and overcame him without any problems hindering his joining the team.

"Alaba underwent a medical examination, as Marka said, but he did so for insurance reasons, in case he sustained a serious injury before his fate was determined," Alaba's agent Benny Zahavi told

"It's very difficult and it's going to develop, but he's probably leaving the team," said Hans Flik, the team's head coach.

"I haven't heard anything from him, but everything is on the way, these things happen in football, we have to wait and see what happens."

He continued: "The club has made its position clear and I have done so too, Alaba is an important player for us both on the pitch and in the dressing rooms."

David Alaba joined Bayern Munich from Hoffenheim in 2011 and won many titles, the most important of which was winning the Champions League twice.