Find out the sports headlines issued on Sunday morning, January 31, 2021.

Real Madrid lost and the results of the three-way lead in Serie A and Barcelona's difficult encounter against Athletic Bilbao in addition to Manchester United's draw with Arsenal in the most important sports headlines issued on Sunday morning, January 31, 2021.

#1 Marca - Real Madrid need a revolution

The newspaper focused on the defeat of the royal yesterday against Levante and difficult the task of competing for la Liga this season, with the high number of meetings lost by the team at home.

#2 Sport - Real Madrid sink

The main focus of the newspaper was on the 2-0 loss to Levante last night after refereeing decisions described by the newspaper as unable to save Real Madrid.

#3 Mundo Deportivo - Madrid Chase

The newspaper focused on Barcelona's retaliatory confrontation against Athletic Bilbao in the league and the Catalan club's attempt to chase Real Madrid in second place following the latter's loss against Levante yesterday.

#4 Independent - City is unique at the top

The newspaper focused mainly on Manchester City's victory over Sheffield United and the top spot in the Premier League.

I also spoke about the comments of Ole Gunnar Solshire, manchester united coach, happy with the draw with Arsenal last night.

#5 Star - Manchester United are afraid!

"Manchester United are too afraid to fight for the league title," he said, referring to the team's retraction against Arsenal last night.

The paper also focused on Harry Kane's injury and Virgil van Dijk's return to the running after his injury at the start of the season.

#6 Express - Van Dijk gives Liverpool hope

The newspaper focused on the comments made by Marcelo Bielsa, the Leeds United manager, about the departure of Frank Lampard from Chelsea.

I also talked about the return of Van Dijk and the arsenal draw with Manchester United last night.

#7 Telegraph - United hit arsenal wall

The first focus of the newspaper was the draw between Arsenal and Manchester United yesterday and the latter broke down on his way to the top of the Premier League standings.

She also focused on Chelsea's new coach Thomas Tucwell's remarks about the fate of any coach who does not achieve results.

#8 Corriere Dello Sport - Juventus behind Milan duo

The newspaper focused on Juventus' win over Sampdoria with a double and the pursuit of the Milan duo in the lead.

It also focused on Milan's victory over Bologna and Inter's four clear goals-against Benevento.