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Luka is good at playing alone in attack, and can be with another striker in front of him or next to him, as he did during his previous stint with Rebic in Eintracht Frankfurt, before leaving for Real Madrid and returning.

When he gets the chance to be inside the box, he is ruthless in front of goal.

It's his confidence and a good understanding of the alphabets of concentration and mobility, to make up for his lack of skill in dribbling with the strength of his personality, whether in proximity to his teammates or making them play better while maintaining his key role in recording and industry.

The Serb is like a street player in physical strength and stability on the ground, despite his young age and lack of skill in dribbling, but he excels on defenders and keeps the ball under pressure, and uses his body successfully in front of goal.

This is how everyone knew him during his time in the Bundesliga, to be fused by the top European teams, until Real Madrid contracted him in the summer of 2019, for about 60 million euros.

In 77 games with Frankfurt in all competitions, Jovic scored 38 goals and made 9, while in 32 games with Real Madrid, he scored only two goals and made the same, confirming a major problem that prevented him from starring with the royal club, until his return to the Bundesliga, early in 2021.

- Jović and Zidane

32 games are the total participation of Jović with Real Madrid during the season and a half, but most of them entered as a substitute and did not play since the beginning of the meeting, so he actually participated in 1014 minutes in all competitions under Zidane, and contributed only 4 goals between industry and scoring.

This shows a lack of efficiency and a lack of decisive element in front of goal, despite his past, which has always been characterized by these things during his previous experience on the German football field.

Zidane always prefers the people of confidence before the competition, is a coach who has great faith in the elements of experience and his old players, so you find him relying on Casemiro and agrees to sell Llorente, focuses only with Carvajal and leaves Ashraf Hakimi, desperate to play with Karim Benzema alone.

At the same time, he over-relied on Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, without giving Martin Odegaard enough minutes. That's what Zizou has done over the past two years, and he repeated it with Jović as well, who didn't get his full chance.

Tactically, Zidane is constantly relying on a 4-3-3 draw and only changes it in the narrowest of things, so he prefers to play with an outright wing on the line and another between depth and limbs, and Benzema in the deep.

With this drawing, Jović never got his chance either in the place of Benzema, or even next to him or behind him as he did with Ribic because the Real Madrid coach did not risk drawing 4-4-2 only in the narrowest of times, so the Serb did not get the advantage.

Real Madrid has a real problem in the depth of the pitch, both in the heart of the penalty area and outside, so the first was to turn the manager into a 4-2-3-1 plan, to put Odegaard in 10th place, or 4-4-2 to start both Benzema and Luka Jović in front, to increase the presence of dangerous elements in the last offensive third, and to give his young goalkeeper a chance to shine even for a short time.


Jović can play alone in front but in drawing 4-2-3-1, until he is surrounded by a pair of wings and a bayonet behind him, and in order to be free to translate opportunities into goals, he excels in this part of the deduction and efficiency, or even plays next to another striker, so that he can take advantage of the advantage of booking and moving without the ball and crowding, defenders in the way of one makes, dodges, presses and the other moves and shoots on goal.

Because Zidane did not try these ideas enough, only in a few minutes when the result was delayed, Jovic went on loan to Frankfurt.

I can now bet on him regaining his luster in The German stadiums, because of the lack of pressure from what he found in Madrid, the result of constantly playing and gaining confidence again, and more importantly that he will be near the goal, whether as an outspoken striker or a second so that he can take care of receiving the ball in dangerous areas.

Jovic can return to Madrid in the future, but with Zidane, it may seem difficult, because the experienced coach has his own men who always prefer them, so the closest scenario will continue sometime in the ranks of Frankfurt, then return to lead the royal club attack after a season or two, either next to Benzema or his place.