Retired Brazil star Ronaldo de Lima talks about the future of Vinicius Junior and his biggest regrets at Real Madrid and Inter.

Brazilian star Ronaldo de Lima confirmed that he had hoped to win the Champions League and Copa Libertadores during his football career.

This came in remarks made by Ronaldo during his interview with "Globe Sport", during which he talked about the development of Vinicius Junior young real star Real Madrid.

Ronaldo said: "I have two fingers for two championships, one for Copa Libertadores and the other for the Champions League, I was hoping to win the first with Corinthians or Cruzeiro and the second with Inter or Real Madrid."

Vinicius Junior added: "He has space at Real Madrid but he is in a place where there is always a lot of competition."

He continued: "When you look at Real Madrid you see that the coach has an unlimited number of options, but he is a young player and the future is still ahead of him, and he is on the right track."

"It's still too early for such things, but I'd say Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Barcelona, and there's also Paris Saint-Germain with Neymar and Manchester City," he said.

Ronaldo has never won the Champions League in his career and was his best participation when the team came out of the semi-finals against Juventus in 2003.