Why didn't Hazard make up for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Because the axioms don't explain. Why didn't Hazard make up for Cristiano Ronaldo?

First of all, you should know that the results come based on the data, if you believe that you know first of all that Eden Hazard is not Cristiano Ronaldo and therefore cannot compensate him at Real Madrid.

Have you seen someone plan randomly? Of course it happened a lot, but what if the right choice came under your feet and your reaction was to kick him away to keep going wrong? This is the real disaster.

At the moment Real Madrid have been without a real goalscorer since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the club's historic scorer left two seasons ago and the club plays as if it exists, without any consideration because the man who scored 40 goals in the season and is at his worst no longer exists.

Since ronaldo's departure, Real Madrid have gone in all the wrong ways to make up for it, excuse me, he did not try in the first place, he did not look for a choice that looks like Ronaldo even less than a quarter of his quality, quality was not the problem, but not knowing what Ronaldo was doing in the first place. 

Mariano Diaz? Hazzard? Jovich? They've all failed so far to deliver what was expected, haven't they? The question now is, what was originally expected? That Hazzard trains well, grows 30 cm tall and becomes a fairy in air games? Or does Mariano turn to Ronaldo by simply wearing the No.7 shirt as in the cartoon? 

With all this absurdity, Real Madrid insist zidane to play the same way, rotate the ball in the middle of the pitch and then send it on the sides and play occasional balls in front of the looks of admiration from Benzema and Hazzard or anyone who plays in the front triangle, no one knows such games, but no problem, we will play them too!

In case Real Madrid realized that the crisis in the absence of a good player to play with his head and then bring a player to play with his head and finish the balls inside the area with the few touches and the deal failed things will be understandable, tried to go the right way and failed, but the royal did not try originally and decided that Hazzard will be the new Number 7.

Hazard can come to Real Madrid and succeed if the way he plays changes, but to try to replicate the same way with Hazard instead of Ronaldo and wait for the same result is the linguistic and conventional definition of absurdity.

Real Madrid did not move towards many distinguished strikers inside the area in order to exploit all these incidents sent aimlessly, he did not have to look for a super player, but what is wrong with joining Mandjokic? Cavani? Any player even if he's over 30 but he can give you what you want for two seasons in which you're quietly looking for a long-term future player? 

In addition to that absurdity, injuries attacked Eden Hazard to prevent him from offering anything, whether ronaldo or otherwise, to complete the injuries of the tampering and the Belgian star lives as a victim in the Spanish capital;

If you decide to go the wrong way of your own volition, it's a disaster, but how do you get the right step and reject it if you want to achieve anything? This is the problem that Real Madrid are facing in this matter, not only that Ronaldo is gone, they didn't notice it, they didn't notice it but they didn't realize what the Portuguese star was doing.