Casemiro crowned the 2020 Ibero-American Player of the Year award

Real Madrid announced the victory of Brazilian player Carlos Casemiro, the best player of the year Ibero-American 2020, on Thursday evening.

The Spanish news agency EFE awarded the prize to Casemiro after his appearance in a remarkable manner during the last season in which he succeeded in winning the Spanish League title and the Spanish Super Cup.

"I feel very proud and honored to have won the award, but I would not have won it without the help of my teammates," Casemiro said in a press statement published on the club's official website.

"I would like to thank all my colleagues for their support and support last season," added the Brazilian.

"I won the prize won by Ronaldo, Carlos, and Cristiano Ronaldo, these names prove their value," Casemiro said.

"We have some important confrontations in the league and the Champions League, we have appeared distinctively against Valencia recently and we are living a good period and we hope to continue to do so by creating a new dynamic that will help us to develop and grow," he said.