A deal that Real Madrid have not benefited from yet, but it paid Chelsea a lot of money.

The news may have become a comedy, although it carries a tragedy for a player who has been among the best in the world in the recent past, his repetition has gone so far as to lose his ability to bring sympathy and bring scans of disappointment and surprise to the crowd.

About two months ago, Real Madrid announced the return of Eden Hazard to the team list for the first time this season, and a day later, Real Madrid announces hazard injury and absence from the stadiums for 3 to 4 weeks.

Today, Real Madrid announce the same news in almost the same detail at a time when some thought that the past period was enough for the Belgian star to recover from injuries and be ready to play regularly, but he is here. 

Real Madrid assured the fans during the statement that Hazard's ankle was fine, but the injury was a muscle at the leg level.

Once at ankle level, again ankle surgery, then calf, then a muscle injury at the leg level without specifying details, then excess weight, then work in the gym to get rid of excess weight, then a new injury, is there anything we forgot as we mention Hazard's life cycle at Real Madrid? 

We add you the hair of Peta, did you know that Hazard almost throughout this period did not miss the Belgium team in any call-up? Did you know that his leg injury is his 7th since he joined Real Madrid? 

Hazard missed Real Madrid due to injury in about 40 games in a season and a half, and the figure is of course a candidate for increase through his absence for 4 weeks will keep him out of the team 3 or 4 games and may miss the two games at Atalanta in the Champions League.

This figure exceeds the number of games Hazard missed with Chelsea in six full seasons due to injury, but almost one and a half times more than the Belgian star missed the Blues in only 20 games due to injury. 

It has become very exaggerated, and it appears that there is a flaw in the handling of the player for the medical system, and raises doubts about pushing him before he reaches his readiness in the first place so that he does anything to satisfy the fans, the injury worsens, and so on. 

About two months ago the Spanish press said that Zidane wants to take hazard his time to regain his full readiness and fitness, then press sources close to Real Madrid announced that Hazard was annoyed in training but completed it to play against Valladolid, in a very random form. 

The random picture began when Real Madrid decided to pay 130 million euros including additions and 160 million euros in another statement to bring a player whose contract will expire after one year and then he can bring him free of charge or at least bargain with this golden card. 

But Real Madrid wanted to calm the past Ronaldo's departure by hiring an attractive star, and he didn't think of anything that would ensue, and of course the random planning, the results are the same as they are now. 

In Zidane's formation, and in hazard's few games, the French coach seemed to know where he would be employed in the first place, where he needed it, and what position he was in, despite his great conviction since the beginning of his career. Didn't that make you conclude that there's no plan for anything? 

In short, Eden Hazard was a precious gem that came at the wrong time to be misplaced and handled wrongly, to look absolutely worthless, precious goods, and its owner is demeaned, just as we told you at the beginning.