Barnett: Bale is part of Real Madrid's history

Jonathan Barnett, Gareth Bale's agent, attacked the Real Madrid crowd, commenting on their poor relationship with the Welsh star in recent months before he was loaned to his current team Tottenham Hotspur.

Barnett, in remarks quoted by the Spanish newspaper "As", said: "I have not spoken to anyone at Real Madrid about Gareth Bale in the last few months."

He continued: "I have a good relationship with them, I think that over time people will realize how important Bale was to Real Madrid, and how bad it was for the fans to deal with him at a time when they should thank him every day in their lives for what he did for the club."

"What did he have to do to improve his relationship with the masses? Nothing, he speaks through playing on the pitch, he is a football player, and that is his responsibility."

He continued: "His responsibility is not to be friends with the fans, he did everything right on the pitch, he behaved very wonderfully with the club, he never said anything bad, and he won a lot of things."

Barnett continued by saying: "A lot of great goals in Real Madrid's history have been scored by Bale, so when they look back I think they will see how foolish they were with him."