Eager to fill the club's coffers somewhat, Real Madrid leaders could consider parting with some renowned players with, at the top of the list, a certain Raphaël Varane.

As his contract ends in June 2022, Raphaël Varane could leave Real Madrid very soon. Courted in Europe, especially by Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, the central defender nonetheless remains under the protection of his coach and compatriot Zinedine Zidane. However, in the event of non-extension of his contract, Raphaël Varane could indeed be sold by Real Madrid, so that Madrid leaders are not forced to watch him leave freely and therefore ... for free. Faced with this, a trend is emerging more and more seriously.

The departure of Varane precipitated by the financial problems of Real Madrid?

With a possible contract extension frozen at the moment, Real Madrid could, according to information from Ok Diario Madridista, place Raphaël Varane on the list of players whose leaders could part ways next summer. A decision that would be none other than the consequence of the financial problems experienced by Madrid residents.

The club's accounts situation would push Real Madrid to go through a reduction in payroll and income from sales. Separating from Bale, Isco or Marcelo would not be enough to fill the coffers, selling some players like Raphaël Varane would therefore be considered. Any offer that will reach them should therefore be studied, announces the Spanish media. What to rejoice the European contenders of the French player.