Real Madrid managed to achieve an important and difficult victory over the top of the La Liga Huesca in the match that brought them together, on Saturday, in the round of 22.

Real Madrid's defense has emerged in a scanty and familiar manner recently filled with the space that Huesca's players have used on more than one occasion, and they almost scored in two balls in the first half and in many chances in the second half.

They also succeeded in shaking Theo Courtois' net with a goal from a rebound in which they took advantage of the poor concentration of defenders and the poor coverage of Alvaro Dodrozola, who appeared as a huge gap in real Madrid's right-hand side.

Real Madrid's defensive performance remains a big question mark as he remains suffering severely in the absence of Sergio Ramos and it is abundantly clear that the lack of understanding between Rafael Varane and Nacho Fernandez and The inability of Odorzula to fill the void left by Dani Carvajal in his absence is clear.

Ferland Mendy's defensive performance also declined sharply, and without good luck, the Capitals would have received other goals after the crossbar had taken him off two chances.

The situation remains the same for Real Madrid's defense, predicting upcoming disasters as Ramos continues to be injured.

On the offensive side, Real Madrid looked pale as if they had corrupt weapons that didn't work. Real Madrid still lacks edifying the final touch, having to rely on Varane to settle the match with an unusual double.

Karim Benzema, despite his contribution to the first goal with a direct free-kick and his attempts during the game, wasted a strange opportunity from inside the six-yard area as he left the entire goal to shoot into the goalkeeper's body.

Marco Asensio, again, did not appear as a decisive player who could make the difference for the Royal club, while Vinicius Junior continued his old habit to make a great effort with little result.

The young Brazilian player wasted a number of chances in the first half because of his misbehaving ball and lack of thinking before making the decision to remain an ineffective member of the Real Madrid attack, which is also suffering badly.

Real Madrid's victory, today, came with the use of fixed strikes in the light of the wrong position of Huesca defenders and the superiority of the royal club in those positions.

However, it is sounding a very dangerous alarm in the corridors of the capital team before the difficult confrontations that await him, especially the face of Atalanta in the Champions League.