Press reports reveal how Real Madrid saved themselves from Barcelona's recent economic disaster.

Spanish press reports revealed today how Real Madrid avoided an economic disaster similar to that of Barcelona recently due to the Coronavirus and the big contracts of its stars.

This came through the pages of the newspaper "Marca", which confirmed that the management of the royal club has always respected the fair financial play and its rules both in the European Union and the League.

The newspaper reported that the Real Madrid administration operated with another rule that did not exist in the regulations of the European Union or in the League, which was mainly theirs.

The royal club's management insists on not widening the salary gap for their stars, convinced that any salary hike will be followed by an economic disaster and demands from the team's stars equally.

The newspaper explained that the club was about to fall into the same current Barcelona crisis, a problem that concerns the huge contract of Lionel Messi's team leader.

She stated that The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo has dealt twice excessively with regard to the salary required from his club, the first was in 2012 and was well handled due to the closure of the transfer market.

The second time was in 2018 and then the club agreed with the player that the amount requested by Kratob is impossible to give him, and it was agreed to reduce the value of his penalty clause to allow him to leave.