Courtois praises Atalanta and warns Gasperini men

Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, the protector of Real Madrid's den, warned his next rival Atalanta, Italy, ahead of the match in the champions league final next Wednesday.

Spanish network Defensa Central reported that Courtois had sent a warning message to the Gasperini team that it was difficult to score a goal when everyone was running on the pitch.

"We have an important Champions League match against Atalanta, we have to keep working, and it is difficult for any team to score a goal in our goal if everyone is running after the ball," said Courtois.

"We are waiting for those who can come back to us, we are here and we are ready to give everything to win," he said.

"It will be a tough match against an opponent who plays very well, we will have to play our way and the usual way against them," he said.

"We can damage Atalanta, and we will have to work hard in the next couple of days to prepare for the match," Thibaut said.