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The player told his club he wanted to leave.

Things are getting more complicated over time at Real Madrid, with the future of Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, amid speculation that he is about to leave.

The player expires his contract on June 30, and talks continue in order to sign a new contract, to take advantage of his services for a longer period.

Spanish newspaper "as" confirmed that Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, made two offers to renew with Ramos but the player rejected them.

She explained that the player told the club that he will play with another team next season outside Spain, and does not want to stay with Real after the end of the current season.

Why does Ramos refuse to renew?

Things are contradictory at the moment, but it is clear that the main problem with the renewal lies in the player's salary as well as the duration of the contract.

Real wants to renew it with the same salary that it now receives, coinciding with a 25% reduction due to the current Corona crisis.

The player does not mind signing a one-year contract and wants to receive the same salary without a reduction, even if he has to receive his salary after three or four years.

Is it the first time?

The veteran defender went through the same position in 2015, receiving an offer from Manchester United to convince him to leave Real Madrid.

Real quickly watched the situation, and renewed Ramos in order to thwart attempts by the Red Devils to include him, where his salary reached 55 million euros in five seasons to convince him to stay.

When does he come back from injury?

The 35-year-old recently underwent surgery on his left knee after feeling some pain in training last week.

The current situation does not bode well for the player's return soon, as he is expected to return to Real Madrid again within two months of surgery.