Vázquez occupies a special place at Zidane

Lucas Vázquez returns to Real Madrid's roster ahead of tonight's clash against Valencia in la Liga, which is more good news for Zidane than anyone else.

The Spanish newspaper "As" explained the importance of the Spanish international player to the French coach, describing him as an indispensable element in the squad of Real Madrid.

Vázquez is involved in the right-wing center and sometimes as a right-back the team has given many glowing moments this season and will be in dire need of him against Valencia today.

She added that the presence of Vázquez adds to the team's great vitality, as he is fast on the pitch and can become a decisive player at times.

Coincidentally, Lucas Vázquez has become more important than top-tier players in the transfer market, such as Eden Hazard, Vinícius Júnior, or Rodrigo, away from the player's name or cost in the market.

Vázquez can play a crucial role against Valencia's weak defense as well as Marco Asensio, who is having a good time compared to previous periods, and may be relied upon alongside striker Karim Benzema.