Will you miss Real Madrid's match against Atlanta?

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos is certain to miss his team in the next 16 champions league matches against Atlanta.

Kobe newspaper reported that Real Madrid's career is also threatened with the loss of Sergio Ramos in the quarter-finals if the royal club qualifies over the obstacle of Atlanta in the next round.

The Spanish media have long been blown up by a heavy-caliber surprise over the physical condition of Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid's captain.

The Spanish press shocked Real Madrid fans when it was confirmed that Sergio Ramos had undergone cartilage surgery some time ago following a recommendation from the club's doctors that he would miss their impact for up to a month.

The Spanish newspaper "As" revealed that Sergio Ramos does not want to return to training and Real Madrid only as he recovers from his injury fully 100%.

The Spanish newspaper reported that the secret behind this, that Ramos does not want to suffer a setback at this time of the season hindering the process of moving to any new team next summer.