Zidane does not rule out coaching France

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press ahead of Real Madrid's match against Valencia scheduled for Sunday.

The French coach is still receiving questions about his future with Real Madrid, and Zidane has said he does not rule out coaching his country in the future.

"Look, my mind is where I'm in Madrid and I enjoy every day, I'm passionate about football and you never know what can happen in the future," Zizou said.

He said: "My relationship with Mr. Noël Le Grat, president of the French Federation - long I have known him since 1998, coaching the national team is a goal as I said 10 years ago when I was at the beginning of my coaching career, but now I am here.

"This is not bad luck, we are worried and we have talked about the schedule of matches many times," he said.

"We don't like the players not becoming available, we will try to help them recover, we have got Lucas Vasquez and Dani Carvajal back and little by little I hope we can get back the others we miss, I always want my players with me," he concluded.