After Luca and Enzo Zidane

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has decided to use his son Theo to face the injuries suffered by his team this season.

Zidane has already included his first and second sons Enzo and Luca, but neither has achieved the desired success with real Madrid's first team.

However, the Frenchman decided to include his third son, Theo Zidane, who plays in midfield, after appearing at good levels with the club's second team "Castilla", as confirmed by the Spanish newspaper "Marca".

The newspaper pointed out that Theo Zidane is considered a promising talent at Real, and there are many positive reports about him within the club.

This comes after the player was present for 11 years within Real Madrid, and was included in various stages of the year, and also played in the junior stages of the French national team.

According to reports and reactions about Zidane's son, he is highly focused inside and outside the box, is good at moving well, and also has speed and right foot.

After appearing in two official matches, the player is scheduled to enter first-team training for a total of only 33 minutes.