Zidane's remarks after the victory over Getafe

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane said that replacing Francesco Isco was not for any technical reasons, but for physical reasons because he was injured and has just returned from injury.

Real Madrid succeeded in completing their uprising in la Liga, defeating hosts Getafe 2-0 without reply, in the postponed match of the first round of the championship.

After the match, Zinedine Zidane expressed his happiness with the victory and the continued progress forward and gave the highlights about the team's list and injuries.

The French coach said: "I am happy of course that we won a difficult game despite the injuries we suffered which of course affected the match list as well as the basic formation."

He added: "We played a good game against a strong opponent, we started with a slightly different drawing than usual for us, but it went well and we achieved the victory and the three important points, I am happy with the players and what they have done."

He continued: "The new drawing we did not train for long enough, we did not prepare much to play this way, but in the end, we spent a short time before the game to talk about it and organize it and the players understood it and understood it well"

He added: "Marcelo? He made a big game, I saw him very well and he played very well, he played until he felt pain, there was an injury at the end of the game, we don't know if it's ankle or muscle, he's training well and he wants to contribute with the team."

"Our duty is to fight to the end, the difference is now 5 points with Atlético Madrid but we don't look at that, we want to play just the best way and continue to score and score points and improve the aspects that need it," he said. 

On the renewal of the captain's contract and whether there is concern about Ramos' future, Zidane said: "You know everything that is said abroad and this will not change and will remain so, what we can do is continue our work, fight as usual, and continue playing football"

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid had to escalate a number of Castilla players and rely on his academy to face the wave of injuries sweeping the club in recent times, which increases Zidane's suffering especially after Marcelo joined the list of injuries today.