The last bulwark of PSG, Navas believes that his talent is more recognized in France after a year and a half than within Real Madrid.

It is often said that it takes a great goalie to achieve great things. PSG has understood this and has experienced it. Without denigrating those who come before him, Keylor Navas has clearly brought serenity to the Parisian defense since his arrival in the French capital in the summer of 2019.

No longer really wanted Real Madrid to make room for Courtois, the Costa Rica goalkeeper has found in Paris the ideal setting to remind everyone that he is one of the top picks in the world. The Champions League final to end his first year in Paris proved it.

With four European titles with Real Madrid, Navas could have earned the respect of the Madrid club, who have had the difficult task of taking over from the club’s legend Iker Casillas.

"When I joined Real Madrid, I never tried to prove that I was better than Iker or that my career was going to be better than his, admits the goalkeeper in an interview for the PSG mag. J I just tried to take the opportunity to train hard and do my best. But in Spain, I felt that part of the club did not believe in me. "

Confidence, Keylor Navas found in Paris. Amidst the Argentines, Spaniards, and Brazilians in the squad, the Costa Rican didn't take long to make his mark. Fully fulfilled in his personal life in the French capital, he transcribed that on the ground. More than the average of a single goal conceded since his arrival, it was above all his aura that allowed the players of Tuchel and now Pochettino to advance to the final of the Champions League.

"Yes, I feel the affection of everyone here in Paris. I will always be grateful to the Real Madrid fans for the unconditional support they have given me and still give me today, despite the fact that I changed teams. And my teammates in Madrid have also always believed in me. Here at PSG, things are a little different. Everyone believes in me and I try to give them that confidence back every time. match."