Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos will talk about his future on Thursday

According to the Cuatro, Sergio Ramos should announce the decision on his future on Thursday in a live Twitch.

At PSG, Kylian Mbappé continues the suspense over a potential extension, he who is still under contract until 2022. For Real Madrid, the wait is also palpable but much more worrying. At the end of his contract next June, Sergio Ramos has still not extended with the Madrid club, nor given a trend on his intentions.

The suspense could end in the next few hours if Spanish media Cuatro is to be believed. The latter explains that the Real Madrid captain will speak twice on Thursday. The first time at 5 p.m. during a press briefing organized with Amazon Prime to reveal the second part of his documentary on him and his family.

If he should be rather vague during this press conference, Sergio Ramos should be more talkative two hours later on the Twitch platform. In the company of Ibai Llanos, the Spain international is expected to answer straightforward questions about his future and finally say whether or not he continues the adventure started in 2004 at Real Madrid.

As a reminder, Sergio Ramos has not spoken publicly since September 2 during a rally with the Spanish national team.

"It is a subject that we did not broach. It does not generate discomfort for me or the club. I have always said that the topic of the future does not worry me. I am in Madrid and nobody has ever shown me the door to the exit of the team I want to be in. I don't think there are any problems if we are to come to an agreement. "

Seven months after this outing, discussions still seem to have stalled between the iconic captain and his club. Real Madrid offered him a contract for two more seasons with a pay cut due to the Covid-19 crisis. This is where opinions differ between the two parties.

Due to the services rendered for more than fifteen years, Sergio Ramos would like a gesture from his club. It remains to be seen whether he was heard. If the PSG is announced as on the lookout, in this case, the Parisian club should know a little more in the coming hours.