While Sergio Ramos has still not extended, Real Madrid toughens up a bit and sets him a deadline to say yes or no to his new contract offer.

The various deadlines that Real Madrid has had to face in recent weeks, especially on the European scene, have made this delicate issue somewhat forgotten. The end of the Madrid captain's contract is fast approaching, however, and for the moment, no solution has been found. According to the various Iberian media, the two sides face a disagreement on a crucial point. They explain in particular that the number 4 wants to keep his current salary, which Florentino Pérez does not want to grant him.

In recent days, Real Madrid has returned to the charge with a new proposal, the financial details of which have not been leaked. We know, however, that this is a one-year lease with an optional additional season. But in the head of the Madrid staff, it is very clear: this offer will be the last. And above all, it has an expiration date as Marca explains this Saturday.

We will be fixed at the end of March

Sergio Ramos has until the end of the month to accept - or refuse - this proposal. A necessary ultimatum for Real Madrid, which must already begin to prepare for next season. The player is aware of this, and even from a purely personal point of view, he wants the question of his future to be settled as soon as possible. The Iberian media explains that the coming week could be decisive.

Still, according to the Spanish publication, the trend would still be very positive. The president and captain Merengue get along particularly well and if it were necessary to bet, the odds of the extension would be particularly low since it is the most likely option to date. There is more to wait for the signing of Ramos when no other club seems really in the race to attract the Andalusian.